Gillian Jacobs the hilarious gorgeous of Community

Gillian Jacobs hilariously gorgeous as Britta Perry on Community

gillian jacobs community britta perryCommunity starer Gillian Jacobs, beautiful, talented. Before talking about her role in Community, first let us take some time to know her a bit more closely.
Gillian grew up in the suburbs of Pennsylvania, she was born in 20th October 1982 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She started her acting journey in the Pittsburgh Public Theatre. After her high school graduation, she moved to New York, she joined the Julliard School to study on acting.

Her first publicly known roles were in a number of TV Series  The Book of Daniels, Fringe, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Royal Pains, The Good Wife. A TV Movie Up All Night. And she also appeared in some movies like Blackbird, Choke, Gardens of The Night, The Box and The Solitary Man.

The one role that really brought her stardom is the role she has been playing since 2009 on NBC’s comedy TV series Community. Community’s story is of a Lawyer who is forced to go to a local community college. Now let’s talk about Gillian’s role in Community Gillian Jacobs stars as Britta Perry, so Britta Perry is 28 socially empathetic, outspoken and politically interested. Britta dropped herself  out of high school and started vandalizing billboard of her local area. While her vandalizing spree she made friends with other vandals, together the formed “The Anarchist Billboard Vandals”. When the group got quiet large she was voted out of the group, the group believed in democracy and hence the voting system. After getting voted out of the group she joined Peace Corps, got teargassed at World Trade Rally, did some foot modelling and took a vacation in Africa. After that she came to realize that she needs to do something with her life, so she went on and got her GED and then got admitted in Greendale . In season three of the tv series Britta (Gillian) breaks out to her study group that she has decided to do her major on Psychology, the group is rather skeptical about this very subject. She is usually the voice of the group but she is often mocked for her rigid moral code, East Coast sensibilities, for her strange pronunciation of bagel and for being a vegetarian. The group also thinks that she has a very low sense of humor and for that she is referred to as “buzzkill”, but she has managed to increase her humor as the show progressed. In season two she fell in severe financial crisis, so she started working as a  waitress at a rundown diner, she does not get any tips and her boss hates her, and eventually the inevitable happens and she gets fired from her workplace. At first she was portrayed herself as unromantic towards Jeff, but at one episode she shows that she might have some feelings for him, and later on it is shown that she finally admits her affection towards Jeff, which she later on denied as being a result of compulsive competition with Professor Slater. This denial gave her more popularity, when she got in second year of her college, as a fearless person.

So, this was in short the role of Gillian Jacobs on Community. You’ll definitely fall in Love with this Blondie and her acting skills. Well just don’t miss Community otherwise you’ll miss Gillian Jacobs.

Community Wins TV Guide Fan Favorite Poll

gillian jacobs communityCommunity, the cult-hit series NBC pulled from its midseason schedule without any explanation, has won TV Guide Magazine’s annual Fan Favorite Poll. How ’bout them apples?

Roughly 300,000 people voted on TV Guide Magazine’s Facebook, and ‘Community’ bested many cult-hit shows including ‘Chuck’ and ‘The Vampire Diaries.’ The NBC series will be honored with three different covers for the Dec. 5 issue. The ‘Community’ issue hits newsstands Dec. 1.

“Because we don’t get nominated for awards, this is our fans’ outlet to tell us that they care,” ‘Community’ star Gillian Jacobs said in a statement. “They may not see us win Emmys or SAG Awards, but they do have the power in something like this to vote, and you see a lot of people care about our show.”

community tv series gillian jacobsOther nominees for this year included ‘Dexter,’ ‘Game of Thrones,’ ‘Revenge,’ ‘Ringer,’ ‘Person of Interest,’ ‘Terra Nova’ and ‘The Walking Dead.’ Additionally, fans could submit a write-in vote. Last year, ‘Supernatural’ took home the title.

In November, NBC announced ’30 Rock’ would be taking the Thursdays at 8PM timeslot in place of ‘Community.’ While ‘Community’ has struggled in the ratings, the series has a very vocal fan community, including an NBC executive.

Series star Yvette Nicole Brown tweeted a photo of Edwin Chung, senior vice president of primetime at NBC, wearing a homemade ‘Save Community’ T-shirt. “Witness @NBC exec Edwin Chung’s support of #Community! #TheyLoveUsToo #ipromise,” she tweeted.

Fans have also started various other campaigns including We Love ‘Community’ Tumblr, Occupy NBC Twitter and the ‘Community’ Twibbon.

No word on when ‘Community’ will return to NBC.

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